What is the Healthcare Connect Fund?2023-12-07T14:44:50+00:00

The Healthcare Connect Fund provides support for high-capacity broadband connectivity to eligible health care providers (HCPs) and encourages the formation of state and regional broadband HCP networks.  Under the program, eligible rural HCPs, and those non-rural HCPs that are members of a consortium that has a majority rural HCP sites, can receive a 65 percent discount from the fund on all eligible expenses.  HCPs are required to contribute the remaining 35 percent to participate in the program.  HCPs can use the Healthcare Connect Fund to purchase services and equipment, as well as construct their own broadband infrastructure where it is shown to be the most cost effective option.

The purpose of the Healthcare Connect Fund is to expand HCP access to broadband services, particularly in rural areas, and to encourage the formation of state and regional broadband networks linking health care providers.

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What does the Healthcare Connect Fund Include?2021-04-16T14:49:53+00:00

Through this program, eligible locations can receive funding for current and upgraded services, installation of new services, network equipment, maintenance fees and network consulting services.

Services can include circuits for ETHERNET, internet, network communications, EMR, telemedicine and more.

What Funds are Available through the HCF Program?2023-12-07T14:45:39+00:00

There is now more than $800 million dollars of funds available annually for eligible healthcare providers (HCPs) through the FCC’s Healthcare connect fund program.

Who is Eligible to Receive Healthcare Connect Fund Program Subsidies?2023-12-07T15:24:37+00:00

You are eligible to receive funding from the Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) Program if your health care site meets all of the following criteria.

Your site:

  1. Must be a public or nonprofit entity
  2. Must be one of the following types of facilities:
    1. A post-secondary educational institution offering healthcare instruction, such as teaching hospitals or medical schools
    2. A community health center or health center providing healthcare to migrants
    3. A local health department or agency
    4. A community mental health center
    5. A not-for-profit hospital
    6. A rural health clinic
    7. A dedicated emergency room of a rural for-profit hospital
    8. A skilled nursing facility (SNF), or
    9. A consortium of health care providers (HCPs) that includes at least one of the facilities mentioned in (a) through (h)
  3. Must be in a rural location as defined by the FCC. If your site is not located in a rural area, it still may be eligible to apply to the HCF program as part of a consortium
Can Non-Rural HCPs Receive Healthcare Connect Funds?2021-04-16T14:52:14+00:00

Yes.  Non-rural HCPs can receive support from the program, as long as they apply as part of a consortium that has a majority rural HCP sites and are otherwise considered eligible.  However, non-rural hospital sites with 400 or more licensed beds may receive no more than $30,000 per year in support for recurring charges and no more than $70,000 in support for non-recurring charges every five years, exclusive of any costs shared by the network.

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Are Costs Related to Network Design Eligible for Support?2021-05-19T16:27:24+00:00

Yes!  Expenses related to network design, engineering, operations, installation, and construction of the network are eligible for support under the Healthcare Connect Fund.

What is Form 460?2021-04-16T14:53:53+00:00

The Form 460 is the first step HCPs must take to participate in the Healthcare Connect Fund.  All HCP sites, including those participating in consortia, must obtain an eligibility determination via the Form 460 to participate in the Healthcare Connect Fund.  If participating in a consortium, an HCP may opt to allow the consortium to file a Form 460 on its behalf to determine its eligibility.  In addition, the Form 460 is used to register ineligible HCP sites, off-site data centers, and off-site administrative offices.  The Form 460 is also used to notify USAC when information for a site or consortium has changed.

What is the Rural Healthcare Program (RHP)?2021-05-19T16:34:53+00:00

The Rural Healthcare Program supports healthcare facilities in bringing world class medical care to rural areas through increased telecommunication connectivity.

The Rural Health Care Program, provides funding to eligible health care providers for telecommunications and broadband services necessary for the provision of health care. Eligible health care providers include: (1) post-secondary educational institutions offering health care instruction, teaching hospitals, and medical schools; (2) community health centers or health centers providing health care to migrants; (3) local health departments or agencies; (4) community mental health centers; (5) not-for-profit hospitals; (6) rural health clinics; (7) skilled nursing facilities (as defined in section 395i–3(a) of title 42 and (8) consortium of health care providers consisting of one or more entities falling into the first seven categories.  In addition, eligible health care providers must be non-profit or public.  The goal of the program is to improve the quality of health care available to patients in rural communities by ensuring that eligible health care providers have access to telecommunications and broadband services.  As of funding year 2017 (which ran from July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018), funding for the Rural Health Care Program is capped at $571 million annually, adjusted for inflation.

The Rural Health Care Program is currently made up of two programs: the Healthcare Connect Fund Program and the Telecommunications Program. The Healthcare Connect Fund Program, established in 2012, provides support for high-capacity broadband connectivity to eligible health care providers and encourages the formation of state and regional broadband health care provider networks. Under the Rural Health Care Program, eligible rural health care providers, and those eligible non-rural health care providers that are members of a consortium that has more than 50 percent rural health care provider sites, receive a 65 percent flat discount on an array of communications services.  These services include internet access, dark fiber, business data, traditional digital service line (DSL), and private carriage services.

The RHP funds two types of services:

  1. Voice and Data – If you need voice and other telecommunications services, you may be eligible for funding through the telecommunications program.
  2. Broadband – If you need broadband services, network equipments, etc, you may be eligible for funding through the healthcare connect fund (HCF) Program. Healthcare providers (HCPs) can receive a flat rate discount of 65% on eligible expenses.

SpectraCorp’s expert consultant services focuses on the RHP’s Broadband services available through the Healthcare Connect Fund.

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What is a Vizient Awarded Supplier?2021-04-16T14:55:52+00:00

Vizient Inc., is the nation’s leading health care performance improvement company. Vizient serves more than half of the health care organizations across the United States – from large integrated delivery networks and academic medical centers to community hospitals, pediatric facilities and non-acute care providers. Backed by network-powered insights in the critical areas of clinical, operational and supply chain performance, Vizient® empowers members to deliver exceptional, cost-effective care at every turn.

Vizient, the country’s largest member-owned health care services company, is dedicated to providing innovative data-driven solutions, expertise and collaborative opportunities that lead to improved patient outcomes and lower costs.

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Are Off-Site Data Centers and Administrative Offices Eligible for the HCF program?2021-05-19T16:09:47+00:00

Broadband connections to off-site data centers and administrative offices that your facility uses for healthcare purposes are eligible for funding.  Specifically, subject to the conditions and restrictions set forth below, we provide support for connections used by eligible HCPs: (i) between eligible HCP sites and off-site data centers or off-site administrative offices, (ii) between two off-site data centers, (iii) between two off-site administrative offices, (iv) between an off-site data center and the public Internet or another network, and (v) between an off-site administrative office and an off-site data center or the public Internet or another network.

Can You Apply to the HCF Program as a Part of a Consortium or Group?2021-05-19T16:09:58+00:00

consortium is a group of health care sites that apply as one entity. Each consortium has one consortium leader who files the required forms on behalf of everyone in the group.

Each facility in the consortium must meet the first two eligibility criteria, i.e., be public or non-profit and one of the eligible facility types. Both rural and non-rural health care facilities can receive funding as members of a consortium as long as more than 50% of the consortium’s members are rural sites.

Once you apply as a consortium, you can find your consortium’s rurality percentage when you log in to My Portal, the RHC program’s online application filing system.

Note: The FCC considers each health care site or location as an individual health care site for purposes of calculating support under the RHC program. Therefore, each site must demonstrate that, by itself, it is an eligible entity.

What is USAC?2021-05-19T16:26:01+00:00

With the guidance and policy created by the FCC, The University Service Administrative Company (USAC) is a not-for-profit designated by the FCC that administers the Universal Service Fund (USF). Almost $10 billion is available thanks to the companies and institutions that make universal service possible. over $800 million of these funds are made available through the rural healthcare program.

USAC delivers funding through four programs focused on places where broadband and connectivity needs are critical. these programs serve people in rural, underserved and difficult to reach areas.

These areas include:

  • Rural Healthcare
  • Schools & Libraries
  • Lifeline
  • High Cost

SpectraCorp’s Healthcare Connect Fund experts focuses its efforts on helping rural and non-rural hospitals as well as consortiums and hospital groups gain access to subsidies available for broadband services.

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